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Chourangi Is A Company With A Noble Agenda. Raising Standards Is The Mission Of The Master Minds Of Chourangi. Industry Experts From Civil, Architecture, Planning, Sales & Marketing, Finance Etc. Have Come Together & Formed A Company That Is Dedicated To The Development In The Right Way. We Not Only Raise The Standard Of Living Among The People By Providing Affordable Homes, Cordial Societies & Excellent Infrastructure Projects, But Also Direct Our Ventures Towards The Creation Of A "Capable & Self Reliant India". So Welcome To The World Of Chourangi, Where We Create Enriched Skylines.

Backward Integration:
Helps Optimize Cost, Maximize Quality And Ensure Prompt Supply.

Experience Of Public-Private-Partnership:
Makes Us The Government’s Preferred Partner.

Capacity Of Executing Large Scale Projects:
Allows Us Undertake Ambitious Projects.